GEORGIA JOBES ESTATE SALE SERVICES strives to ensure your estate sale is tailored to meet your needs. Whether you are liquidating personal property due to the loss of a loved one, divorce, relocation, moving, or just a change in décor, we can help you through this daunting and overwhelming task. Please take a moment to view the information below.




Georgia Jobes Estate Sale Services works hard to sell your items. We are all part of the team because we love doing this work and doing it together. Our company is family owned and operated and we consider our customers part of our extended family.


Be well assured if you select Georgia Jobes Estate Sale Services, we will continually work to earn and maintain your trust. We will do our absolute best to maximize the proceeds of the sale. The biggest compliments we receive are the continual referrals from our prior customers who include attorneys, trust officers, realtors, businesses, and individuals.


If your location does not allow for an on-site sale, Georgia Jobes Estate Sale Services may be able to conduct your estate sale at our warehouse location. This will be done ONLY in extreme circumstances.

Where to begin -


• Call Georgia Jobes Estate Sale Services to discuss your needs.


• Decide on what you are keeping, remove personal items, documents, photos, and papers.  Clearly delineate those items or remove them completely.  


• Don’t throw anything away other than trash and don’t donate anything at this point.


• Send us a few photos of the items you have for sale, even if they are room shots.


• Setup a walkthrough or video chat with the Georgia Jobes Estate Sale Services team.

We work for you!


• Once you’ve chosen Georgia Jobes Estate Sale Services to conduct your estate sale, we will agree on terms and sign a contract.  It’s important for you to know we cannot start the set-up process or confirm a sale date until the contract is signed.


• We offer a turn-key experience and our flat rate commissions range from 35%-50% depending on the quality, quantity, and number of hours required to setup the estate sale.  Some exceptions may apply.  There is nothing more transparent than a flat rate commission.  If you think it is expensive to hire a professional company wait until you hire an amateur one.


• Generally, the process is a three-week turnaround from start to finish, with some exceptions.


• During the setup process, we sort through everything and then we professionally stage all the furnishings to achieve a showroom like atmosphere.


• We price everything in the home at fair market value and have two Accredited Members of the International Society of Appraisers, ISA AM on staff.


• We photograph and/or video the contents of the estate sale, then create our ads, digital marketing, and social media campaigns.  We have an average of 25,000 views per sale; as well as, an extensive email list and social media following.


• Typically, an estate lasts two to three days depending on the volume of goods.


• We place signage advertising the sale where appropriate, obtain permits, provide limited access to eliminate theft, secure smaller valuable items in show cases, and continuously restage during the sale.


• At the conclusion of the sale, we will help you to determine the best way to handle any items that remain.


• We pay our clients within ten business days following the conclusion of the estate sale, which will include a settlement statement and sales receipts if requested.

Some things we don't do...


• We do not charge for our initial walk through; however, if you want an appraisal of your items that is a separate service.


• We are not a refuse removal service.  We don’t haul off trash and cannot dispose of hazardous materials, antiquated electronics, and non-functional appliances.


• We are not a professional cleaning service.  We do offer light cleaning and polishing, as needed, for proper display and sale of items.  If you need a cleaning service, we can recommend one.


• We are not a professional moving company, although we can recommed one.


• We are unable to conduct an estate sale if someone is still living on the premises.


• We do not accept estate sales that have a low volume of items (garage sales).  We are a professional estate sale company and successful estate sales happen when you have a large quantity of good quality items to sell (that is what creates a draw).  If you have a small quantity of high value items, we can offer consignment, brokerage, or outright purchase.  This includes firearm collections, jewelry, precious metals, and other valuable items.


• We do not take commission on found U.S. face value currency.


• We do not provide buyout services.


• We do not charge our clients for credit card processing fees, set up, light cleaning, advertising, or labor. 

Watch out for...


• Fly by night companies that have less than five years’ experience, no website presence or lack of transparency as to who owns the company.


• Beware of low commission rates.   Companies charging 25% to 30% commission are going to have other “Various” or even “Hidden Fees” such as a labor fee or a marketing fee. You want to hire a company with some real skin in the game, with the goal being to sell as much as they can for the most money they can in the limited time they have to sell it. There is a reason they are so low and it’s not because they are the best and you can be assured, they won’t make you as much money.    Why are they so low?  Desperate for business?  Hidden fees?


• Any company willing to quote a commission rate sight unseen.


• Companies that have no liability insurance.  Any legitimate business should carry liability insurance.


• Companies that have poor online reviews and lack of references.


• Companies that do not collect Texas Sales Tax.  Are they a real company?


• Companies that offer a free haul-off at the conclusion of every sale.  This is a conflict of interest.  If they have a storefront or an online store, it’s likely you will find some of your items in their store.  Be cautious of anything offered “for free”.


• Companies that have a full time storefront, thrift store, antique shop or are dealers.


• Companies that allow dealers to come in and price items for them and then allow the dealers to purchase the items they priced pre-sale.  Yes, it happens!


• Companies that pay their staff in merchandise from the estate sale.  The client in turn may not get paid for those items.


• Companies that charge a commission on found U.S. face value currency.


• Quantity of sales.  There is a BIG difference between quantity and quality in conducting estate sales.  If a company’s goal is to have as many sales as possible on any given weekend, when would they ever have time to research the best prices for your contents?